Horse training voice commands.

For those who have not activated it, Ma’s voice commands are just text. But for horses, Qu Yu is only a voice.

Obviously, Ma Mo talked about our language. Since they don’t talk about our language, when we want some response from us, we should think about what we say to them.

Take the word “wow” as an example. I have no doubt that this is the most abused word in human/horse language. When the rider says “wow”, the horse should know to stop.

Using Horse Training Voice Commands

But the problem is. When the rider wants to slow down the horse, he often says “wow”… Don’t stop. Before you know it, the rider has made the horse slow down on the word “wow” instead of stopping. Then the rider can’t explain the stupid wandering horse will stop, when he speaks!

Tell your horse command, when you mean to do other things, er your horse. You never speak big words to your horse, because the results you get are not what you want. Jesse Biry, a famous horse trainer from the 19th century, knew this and was the first to say “Don’t lie to your horse”.

Therefore, when you say “wow” to the horse, you can only say, because you want to stop… Don’t slow down.

In addition, when using voice commands, be sure to use simple words with as few syllables as possible.

Therefore, if you want a horse to back up, then say “back”. If you want to walk along the road, just talk about “walking”. If you want to trot, then say “trot”.

Next, when using voice commands, make sure to associate actions with commands. For example, suppose you are teaching your horse to gallop when commanding “speed”. So, in the round pen, you use your auxiliary tools to teach him to gallop. So first you say “Harp”, and then bring assistance to motivate his movement to a higher speed.

Using Horse Training Voice Commands

If you want to teach your horse to walk, then start a pen around your horse, from the opposite direction, you teach it to gallop. When he walks several times, stop him and touch him. If the channel travels too fast, use the term slowly, move slightly in front of him

Finally, I strongly advocate being careful how you talk to your horse.

If you use threatening commands (by shouting commands), you can actually increase your horse’s heart rate, frighten and confuse him, and he may take longer to learn.

For example, the popular command to teach horses is the word “step”. When driving a horse, use this command to move the horse forward… Take a step. When teaching it, I don’t want to shout for orders because it might be seen as a punishment by the horse.

However, if you say “one step” calmly, you will get better results than yelling. Many times, when a horse does not “get what you want”, there is a tendency to frustrate, therefore, crazy-your voice will increase in volume. Then you are back to sound threatening, or it takes longer for your horse to understand what you want.

I have seen Ma Biandu being taught to drive a car, and the master teaches the word “step”. When teaching it, he would say aloud “STEP! It didn’t take long before the horse really shrank the sand. Then the shopkeeper became more and more frustrated, repeating his orders even louder… as if the horse couldn’t hear him.”

It reminds me that I tried a show I watched on TV. An English-speaking person talks to a Spanish-speaking person. Someone who speaks Spanish speaks English. An English-speaking person tried to communicate with a Spanish-speaking person. After a minute of obvious disagreement, the English speakers became slower and louder and louder. Unfortunately, Spanish speakers don’t know English and don’t care whether English is loud, soft, fast or slow.

In short, use short words. When you want a certain operation, use this word-only speak the word first when you need a certain operation. If you want your horse to slow down, then say something similar to wandering around easily. (Don’t say “slow”, because he might think of him as “wow”.

Next, associate the action with the command and talk to the horse calmly. The horse hears clearly, and the shouting command will make the command clearer-if there is, it will scare and confuse it.